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Japan WBKL - World Budo Karate League

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The Symbol of WBKL originates from the family crest of Shingen Takeda 武田信玄who was a great general in the 16th century. At that time, Japan faced a period of internal war time. The famous generals were competing to unite the whole country. Shingen Takeda  was a hero of samurai and very popular. He passed about the reunification of Japan. His symbol is called “ Takeda- Bishi” and the origin has two theories. One originated in the design of the plant water caltrop. And, another originated in the Japanese character "田" that is “ da” of Takeda. The word "風林火山( Fu’Rin’Ka’Zan) is his famous motto that express his combat thought. These four character s are composed of initials of the following four sentences.


(It acts speedy as wind


(It quiets down like the forest)


(It attacks active as fire)


(It is stable as a mountain)


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